Advanced Callus Remover


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Exceptionally strong foot grooming tools

Tackle and remove the hardest, toughest calluses with this stainless steel callus remover with build-in, replaceable blade.

Take callus removing to the next level with this durable, high-precision blade that delivers control like never before. Two extra blades and instruction guide included.

How to Use

After softening up the feet in a foot bath or shower, use the Callus Remover to remove the most severe callus. With gentle strokes peel off the outer layer of hard skin.

Blade exchange

Step 1
Gently place one of the blades on the removable blade support.

Step 2
Carefully engage the blade support with the callus remover base.

Step 3
Carefully pull the back-side part on to engage the blade from the head.

Step 4
Slide it back up again to lock it into place.


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