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Soothing after-sun jelly that instantly calms sunburn. Infused with Glacier Ice Water and moisturising Cloudberry Extract that helps provide a lasting cooling effect.

  • After sun treatment that leaves your skin intensely hydrated
  • Quickly absorbed into the skin
  • Dermatologically tested

Soothing jelly that instantly calms sun-heated skin. The unique Cool’n Soothe texture is infused with Glacier Ice Water and moisturising Cloudberry Extract that helps provide a lasting cooling effect of up to -2 degrees – a wonderful relief after a day in the sun! It’s quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves it intensely hydrated with a pleasant, cool freshness. Dermatologically tested.


Fondly referred to as our very own ‘forests’ gold’ in Sweden, the wild cloudberry holds a very special place in Swedish cuisine and culture. Although the hardy cloudberry is able to survive at temperatures well below – 40, its amber-coloured fruit is very delicate once picked, making it highly sought after. Packed with antioxidants, fresh cloudberries are considered very special treats only, and are usually eaten cooked in jams and syrups. As a beauty ingredient, the fruity little nuggets’ high antioxidant content helps to condition skin and boost radiance.
Cool’n Soothe Texture
After spending time in the sun, our skin can feel tender and overheated. The After-Sun Jelly has been developed with a unique texture that brings an instant, long-lasting cooling effect to the skin, of up to -2 degrees for up to 20 minutes. The sensorial texture is based on lecithin, a molecule that has a similar texture to cell membranes in our skin, which gives it great affinity with the skin.

Glacier Ice Water
Originating from 4000 m high and naturally rich in trace minerals, glacier ice water can reach layers of the skin that regular water cannot. It has been shown to protect skin cells against heat stress.

Cloudberry Extract
Rare and precious, resist temperatures of -40 degrees, cloudberry extract has developed unique abilities to fight extreme conditions. It contains high levels of sugars and minerals that power it with energy to help fight the cold – which also helps to keep the skin moisturised. Packed with vitamin A, C and E and polyphenols it also harbors the ability to protect itself from UV rays and diseases, bringing these benefits to your skin.

How to Use

Use after sun exposure. Apply to cleansed and damp skin. Apply the jelly onto face and body and gently massage into skin until absorbed. Use as needed. Avoid the eye area.

When should I use it?
Whenever you’ve spent time in the sun to replenish hydration and cool the skin down.


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