Air Eau de Toilette


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Adventurous, thrilling and very masculine eau de toilette with cool fruit and spice notes to suggest a world that awaits discovery.

  • Grapefruit with spicy aromatic pepper mint and violet leaf top notes
  • Fresh Aquozone signature with notes of citrus absolute and apple
  • Intense base of gaiac wood, sandalwood and limbanol

Explore unlimited heights of adventure and feel the thrill of the great outdoors, with Glacier Air Eau de Toilette. A powerful and masculine fragrance with a fresh aromatic tonic scent inspired by the invigoration of breathing in pure and crisp air from the greatest of heights. For the man in pursuit of something greater.


The fragrance of Glacier Air Eau de Toilette starts with the sparkling and fresh hook of juicy grapefruit, surrounded by spicy aromatic pepper mint and violet leaf notes. The heart offers an intense and powerful freshness with the clean, marine signature of Aquozone – softened by notes of citrus absolute and apple. The addictive and intense drydown combines base notes of gaiac wood, sandalwood and limbanol.


HERO NOTE: Aquozone

This watery note brings an intense and lasting marine freshness as well as a cleanliness to a fragrance.

How to Use

Apply the fragrance onto your body’s pulse points: neck or wrist.


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