Brows & Eyes Kit


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Accentuate and define your brows and eyes with high-performing multi-use, on the go brows and eyes kit. The powder to cream formula and single precision brush gives you the range and versatility you need for beautiful, no smudge, long lasting brows and eyes.
  • Multi use, wet/dry formula to accentuate brows, wear as eyeshadow or lines eyes.
  • Long lasting, water resistant, smudge proof.
  • Three highly pigmented, universal brown shades.

Multi-use, high-performance brows and eyes kit. Fill out and define eyebrows, apply dry as soft powder eyeshadow or wet for a creamy soft, flattering eyeliner. Transforming pressed powder to cream formula is long lasting, water resistant and smudge proof. Contains 3 brown shades designed to suit most skin tones and hair colour. Comes with a single precision brush for versatility and full range application.


Contains Triple Powder Complex designed for the softest, smoothest powder texture and a Film Former and Structural Wax Blend designed to deliver long lasting wear.


Contains Triple Powder Complex for the softest, smoothest powder texture and a lightweight, natural feel. Formula designed to ensure a soft and smooth feel on both eyes and brows, and also blend seamlessly with pigments for perfect make-up results.

Our Film Former and Structural Wax Blend works to deliver long-lasting wear by forming a protective film that holds the pigmented formula in place after application. This delivers resistance against water, wear and smudging, so that it’s easy to maintain the shape of your look, especially in the brows where they add extra dimension.

How to Use


Wet the brush, swirl in the formula and apply with the slanted edge to create hair-like strokes or use with a dry brush for a softer, natural look. Chose a shade close to your hair colour and use additional shades to create nuance. Apply directly onto brows with the edge of the slanted precision brush, following the natural arch of your brow for definition. The powder to cream formula is the perfect texture for shaping, defining and filling out sparse areas of brows.


Apply a lighter shade of dry powder all over the lid with the flat side of slanted precision brush. Apply a darker shade to the crease for added depth and definition.


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