Crystologie Blissful Aura Soap Bar


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Illuminate your bathroom and your body with this uniquely shaped soap bar with shimmering particles and a creative bold fragrance.
  • Beautiful amethyst crystal shape
  • Creative and bold fragrance
  • Cleanses and softens skin

Escape to a world of shimmering beauty and illuminate your bathroom and body with this amethyst crystal shaped soap bar. Infused with shimmering particles, it gently cleanses the skin in a creamy foam lather to leave your skin feeling soft and sumptuously scented with a creative bold fragrance.


The floriental-fruity-edible fragrance of the Crystologie Blissful Aura collection is playful and creative at the same time. It plays with a psychedelic purple lily brightened with a touch of plum and crazy fizzy berries. The background brings gourmandize with hazelnut and almond notes.

How to Use

Lather, cleanse and rinse off


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