Eyelash Curler


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Eyelash curler with wide opening for an instant glamourous lift.
  • Efficient, durable and easy to use
  • Wide opening to reach all lashes at once
  • Lifts and curls lashes

Lift and curl lashes before applying mascaras with THE ONE’s new eyelash curler for instant glamour, lift and curve of every lash. The modern design with wide reach makes it easy to pick up all lashes in one sweep.

How to Use

Make sure your eyelash curler is clean before use. Open the eyelash clamp and place a full row of lashes between them, resting lashes on to curler rubber pad at the base of each eyelash. Close the clamp on the eyelashes for 20-30 seconds, or 45 seconds if your lashes are very straight. Apply THE ONE Mascara after curling.


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