Hypnotic Depth Mascara Triple Black


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Get more volume and length for your lashes with THE ONE Hypnotic Depth Mascara, back for a limited time only. Triple Black Pigment Complex for an intense black finish and the unique Flutter Brush give you smooth volume and length.
  • Volume mascara with Triple Black Pigment Complex for THE ONE’s deepest colour intensity and blackest finish.
  • Depth enhancing volume and length. *
  • Hypno-Tech formula builds and shapes lashes for hypnotic depth. *

Limited edition Hypnotic Depth Mascara with Triple Black Pigment Complex – delivering THE ONE’s deepest colour intensity mascara. Created for exceptional volume and length with hypnotising colour and depth.

Hypno Tech Formula is an exceptionally smooth, buildable texture to give you unmistakable glide and length as you apply.

The flexible Flutter Brush sculpts exceptional length for a high impact depth-enhancing effect. Short bristles on two sides work like a reservoir for the bulk, depositing a thick coat of mascara. The longer bristles separate each lash individually. The brush tapers to a versatile cone-shaped tip, ideal for lower lash and corner lash sculpting


Created for a more intense black finish than ever before, our Triple Black Pigment Complex is designed to take depth and darkness to the next level. Created for THE ONE’s deepest colour intensity while lengthening* and volumising* the lashes for a hypnotic look

How to Use

Use the two sides of the Flutter Brush differently for best results.
First, apply with the short bristles to build volume.
Comb through with the longer bristles to lengthen and define.
Use the narrow tip for lower lashes and hard to reach corners.


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