Multi-Protection UV Day Shield SPF 50


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Multi-functional daily defence fluid with SPF 50. Provides powerful protection against harmful UV rays and pollution, reduces the appearance of dark spots, works to improve other signs of premature ageing, and provides skin with instant hydration. Improves skin texture and tone, and promotes resilient, healthy-looking skin.
  • PolluProtect Technology and SPF 50 shield skin from UV rays and pollution
  • Antioxidants from Lingonberry fruit and leaf help protect against oxidative stress
  • Quick-absorbing, lightweight formula works as an ideal base under make up

Daily exposure to external aggressors such as harsh sun and pollution can leave skin dull and dehydrated – as well as contribute to skin damage such as dark spots and other signs of premature ageing.

Optimals Multi-protection UV Day Shield SPF 50 is the ideal complement to your routine when it comes to providing effective protection against external aggressors.

Designed with balanced skin nutrition in mind, this potent day shield was developed by our skin nutrition experts, and features skin nutrients from specially selected plants native to Sweden, natural origin technologies, as well as effective pollution protection.

The innovative skin-defence helps provide powerful protection against harmful UV rays and pollution, reduces the appearance of dark spots, works to improve other signs of premature ageing, and provides the skin with instant hydration.

The quick-absorbing, lightweight texture works as an ideal base under make up and can be easily incorporated into your skin care routine – to promote resilient, radiant, healthy-looking skin.


Excess exposure to environmental pollutants and particulate matters in the air can overpower our skin’s defence mechanisms, resulting in damage to proteins and DNA in our skin. This can result in acceleration of the ageing process, resulting in premature signs of ageing such as dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. At the same time, skin becomes drier and duller, less radiant, and more reactive to external aggressors. That’s where PolluProtect comes in. PolluProtect is developed by way of a type of biotechnology known as bacterial fermentation, and is a natural, vegetal-origin polymer that forms a “second-skin” protective film on the skin’s surface. The film is breathable and transparent and provides a natural shield from the surrounding environment, by notably protecting against the accumulation of carbon particles and other forms of particulate matter on the surface of the skin.

Antioxidants from Lingonberry fruit and leaf
Native to Sweden, the mighty lingonberry is renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties. In fact, lingonberries have been shown to have greater anti-free radical activity when compared to other European cranberries. When scientists at Oriflame investigated the activity of the extract on skin cells, they also discovered the hidden super-antioxidant power hiding in the leaf of the Lingonberry. That’s what led to the development of our Oriflame-exclusive, patented lingonberry extract based on a 50:50 combination of berries and leaves. By doing this we managed to create a powerful combination that successfully works to protect the skin against oxidative stress caused by environmental aggressors.

Amino-mineral complex from algae
Our Amino-Mineral Complex from algae is made from the extraction of a purified polysaccharide from brown algae, combined with amino acids from a freshwater green microalga called Chlorella vulgaris, as well as seawater minerals. This complex works to effectively hold water like a sponge saturated with water, minerals and amino acids. The “saturated sponge” acts on the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin), enabling water to be bound to the various layers of the epidermis, whilst providing a gradual release of amino acids and minerals into the stratum corneum over time, as a means of complementing the skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). This helps to keep skin supple and hydrated.

How to Use

•Apply on face and neck in the morning after cleansing, making sure to avoid direct contact with eyes.

•Works perfectly over your favourite Optimals Day Cream, as its light texture is absorbed quickly, which creates a perfect base for make-up application. Can be re-applied throughout the day to maintain the protection.

•Recommended that Optimals Multi-Protection Day Shield SPF50 be combined with the full skincare routine for maximal effect:

Step 1: Cleanse and tone
Step 2: Eye Cream
Step 3: Boost (Serum)
Step 4: Moisturise (Day Cream)
Step 5: Day Shield SPF50


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