Night Elixir Nourishing & Repairing Overnight Hair Oil


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Indulge in a luxurious, overnight, deep-treatment hair ritual!


A luxurious, nutrient-rich combination of four premium, natural oils & vitamins actively acting overnight to help repair, nourish & beautify the hair.

Legendary Camelia Japonica oil, ancient beauty remedy originating from East Asia, helps moisturise & create a protective shield, as well as strengthen & revitalise hair – from root to tip.

Argan Oil builds a natural, protective shield to protect against damage by sealing & smoothing the hair cuticles while nourishing & strengthening the inner fibres.

Burdock Oil helps regulate sebum (hair’s natural oil) to maintain a healthy scalp while encouraging smoothness & shine.

Rose Oil replenishes the hair surface while deeply nourishing hair & increasing manageability.

Vitamin F helps improves the condition of the hair while strengthening it from the inside.

How to Use

Apply on dry or damp hair before bedtime.

Spread 2-3 pumps into hands & distribute evenly throughout the hair. A comb to evenly spread Eleo Night Elixir is ideal.

Adapt the quantity to suit hair length & thickness as necessary.

In the morning, do not rinse out before styling hair.


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