Pink Bloom Spray Cologne


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Be inspired and refreshed by nature wherever you are with this effervescent, floral spray cologne for all-over body use.
  • Sparkling orange, pear and blackcurrant bud top notes
  • Elderflower, gardenia and peony for a sweet, floral heart
  • Cedarwood, musk and acacia wood brings warmth and sensuality


Embrace the refreshing beauty of nature-inspired scents in the city with this spray cologne for all-over body use. A lush fragrance with effervescent notes of peony, pear and musk that lightly scent the skin, inspired by the uplifting scents of experiencing the city’s nature in full bloom. Created with nature always in mind, the bottle contains recycled plastics.


Sensity Pink Bloom starts with the thrilling top notes of orange, pear and blackcurrant buds – revealing a delicate, sweet and floral heart of elderflower, gardenia and peony flower notes. This sparkling fragrance is warmed by the sensual base notes of cedarwood, musk and acacia wood.

Key notes: Peony, Pear, Musk

Hero note: Peony

A radiant floralcy starting with green bright notes revealing a rosy wet floralcy.

How to Use

Apply the fragrance to your body’s pulse points, neck or wrist.


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