Power Hold & Sleek Invisible Hair Gel


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Enriched, protective hair gel that keeps your hair healthy as well as giving it long-lasting style.
  • Invisible and lightweight with no stiffness or flaking
  • Power Hold Technology keeps hair styled for up to 48 hours
  • Arctic Pro Defence antioxidants for healthy, strong hair

Style So Strong, Lasts All Day Long

Never fold in face of the day’s challenges with this refreshing hair gel that has long-lasting hold. Infused with Artic Pro Defense and Power Hold Technology, this mineral-rich product gives your hair an invisible power grip-ensuring your hair stays styled and strong for up to 48 hours.


Power Hold Technology gives your hair a strong hold without the flaking or stiffness. Invisible and lightweight, it significantly improves and retains styling-so your hair game stays strong for up to 48 hours.
Infused with Arctic Pro Defence, this arctic root extract is rich in antioxidants-protecting while fighting free radicals to help keep hair healthy and strong.

How to Use

Work a small amount of gel evenly between your hands.
Spread through dry or damp hair
Style as desired with your hands or a comb. Do not rinse.


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