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Discover Eleo and rediscover the beauty of your hair.


Infused with natural Argan, Rose and Burdock Oils and Vitamin F.

Natural Argan Oil Penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and revitalise from the inside out and smoothes the cuticle to create a natural barrier, which helps protect against damage.

Natural Rose Oil Helps to replenish the surface of the hair and deeply nourishes to enhance its suppleness and manageability.

Natural Burdock Oil Nourishes and softens for smooth, shiny hair and helps to regulate sebum production for a healthy scalp.

Natural Vitamin F Helps to condition and strengthen the hair from the inside.

How to Use

Shampoo as often as your hair needs.

Apply eleo Shampoo to wet hair.
Massage into your scalp and through to the tips.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For the best results, follow with 31610 eleo Conditioner.


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